How is financial coaching different?

A financial coach takes the time to understand your unique financial situation, uncover obstacles, and provide customized education and advice to help you achieve your financial goals. Unlike a CPA, lawyer, or financial advisor, a financial coach does not focus on specific financial products or services. Instead, they focus on improving your overall financial health.

How often do I meet with you as financial coach?

After an initial two-hour intake session, you can expect to have six to eight coaching sessions over six months, with each session lasting between 30-60 minutes. The time between sessions allows you to implement the steps discussed during the previous session.

What financial products does a financial coach sell?

A financial coach does not sell any financial products. Instead, they provide customized advice and education to help you achieve your financial goals.

How customizable is financial coaching?

A financial coach adapts concepts, principles, action items, and resources to your unique needs and personality. They focus on meeting you where you are, rather than trying to turn you into someone else.

How do I meet with a financial coach?

Most coaching sessions are performed virtually via Zoom, but if you are local to central Pennsylvania, you can arrange to meet in person.

How is confidentiality addressed in financial coaching?

What happens in a coaching session stays in a coaching session. A financial coach does not collect personal data such as social security numbers or bank account information and does not share your contact information with outside agencies, vendors, or partners without your approval.

How does a financial coach create a safe space for clients?

Financial coaching is a judgment-free zone. The focus is on moving forward and empowering you to make better financial decisions. A financial coach offers solutions that uplift and empower you.

How long does it take to see results from financial coaching?

Results vary by client, but many report feeling a sense of peace and improvement in their relationships and sleeping habits after just one meeting. Clients who fully implement the program report an average improvement in cash flow of $600 per month.